Carrie Isaac Voter Suppression Bill

Political TikTok videos are very educational*.  A few days ago, State Representative Carrie Isaac of House District 73, which includes Comal County and part of Hays County, received national attention.  She filed HB 2390, which she calls the “campus protection/school safety bill”.  If she accurately described it, it would be called the student suppression bill.  This legislation would ban ballot boxes on college and university campuses.  When Republicans need to use misleading language, they know they are on shaky ground.

In Hays County, this would greatly impact 37,812 Texas State students.  Many of them are closely tied to the campus.  They live, go to school, work and worship in the downtown area.  Many do not have transportation.  However, they would be forced to leave the area to exercise their right to vote.

Texas State is a mini-city within a city.  The large number of employees also benefit from having a polling place where they work.

Rep Isaac and local Republican Party leaders dream of a disenfranchised student population.  If they can slow the rate of student votes, they know they have a greater chance of taking over Hays County.
And according to Rep. Isaac’s newest press release, she is drafting legislation that will remove polling places from K-12 public and charter schools”.  This will make it so much harder to make convenient voting locations available, especially in lower income areas.

Thanks to our hard work, the 2022 election resulted in a more just and fair government that works for more of us.  But we still have a lot of work to do. Join us for our meeting on Thursday as we make plans to continue to bring improvement to our community.

*By the way, you should consider following @alicollinsproductions on TikTok.  She has great content on education, school privatization.  Here are some of her videos you might like.


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